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Reviews: Maier Mfg  New Shiny Race Cut Plastic

After one season of play riding and two seasons of racing, our 400EX was long past due for some new skin and a new look.

We decided to give Maier's new shiny plastic a try and the end result was a great looking, distinctive quad.

Maier uses a new plastic and a cap sheet to provide the shiny finish.  Our plastic fit well and was easy to install.

For the rears, the job is easy, just bolt up your old hardware, drill two 9/32" holes and mount the brackets for the support and you're done.

For the fronts, we first bolted on the two "L" shaped mounting brackets located just above the front shocks.  Make sure to have the longer portion bolted to the original mount point using the provided bolt and washer.  The shorter portion should face toward the inside of the quad.

After getting the front brackets secured we spent a little time lining things up to ensure a proper fit.  Once this was done it was time to mark and drill the mounting holes.

First, mark and drill 9/32" holes for the rear mount points.  The 1/4" white spacer goes between the frame and the fender on the right hand side.  Use the supplied 6x16mm bolts and washers to secure these two locations.

Two 9/32" holes are drilled into the top of the fenders for the front mount points and secured with the two supplied 1/4" x 3/4" truss head screws, washers and self locking nuts.

Next, the gas tank cover gets mounted with the factory push pins on the front, and the supplied 1/4 x 3/4" screws, washers, and self locking nuts on the rear.  Holes will have to be drilled for these as well.


Since this quad gets used for cross country racing, we also needed fender extensions to keep mud and debris off the rider during a race.

These mounted easily by drilling 3 9/32" holes in each front fender and securing the extensions with the supplied hardware as shown.  

An "L" bracket and associated bolts, washers, and lock nut also comes with the fender extensions to secure the factory lower mounting brace to the new fenders.  This really helped position and strengthen the whole fender assembly, and should be included with the basic front fender assembly in my opinion. 

The end result is a very good looking package that allows you to change the look and color of your quad while still retaining that great factory looking shine, plus allowing you the flexibility of running with race cut fenders for those events that aren't wet. 


Maier Manufacturing Inc.
416 Crown Point Circle
Grass Valley, CA 95945-9089
(530) 272-9036 | (800) 33-MAIER Orders Only 





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