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Reviews: Maier Mfg Hand Guards

For cross country racing or trail riding, a set of handguards is a great idea. We contacted Maier Mfg and they were kind enough to provided us with a set of their standard handguards in their new shiny plastic finish.

To install Maier's handguards onto our Honda 400EX only common hand tools and a few minutes of time were necessary.

First, starting with the left side, the stock clutch lever pivot bolt is removed and replaced with the 3 1/2" long custom bolt. The hand guard is then placed into position and secured on the top (fig 1) with one of the provided phillips headed screws and on the bottom with the nut from the stock pivot bolt. Next, to keep the hand guard from pivoting, the provided 3 1/2" x 1/4" standard bolt is installed behind the clutch and parking brake cable with 3 spacers. A nyloc nut secures the assembly on the bottom side (fig 2). With that, the left side is complete.

For the right side, the stock brake lever pivot bolt is removed and replaced with a provided custom bolt. The hand guard is then positioned and secured on the top with a similar phillips screw (fig 3) as to what was used on the clutch side. The bottom is then secured with the stock pivot bolt's nut. Next a zip tie (fig 4) is attached through the guard and around the brake line to keep it from pivoting.

This pretty well completes the installation and you're ready to hit the trails...

All in all, the installation process took 15 minutes at the most and went really smoothly with the provided hardware. The end results is a good looking and functional set of hand guards that are sure to help keep your hands protected and drier out on the trail. 



Maier Manufacturing Inc.
416 Crown Point Circle
Grass Valley, CA 95945-9089
(530) 272-9036 | (800) 33-MAIER Orders Only 





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