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Honda made its official return to ATV off-road racing by taking first overall ATV at the 36th-annual Tecate SCORE
[Baja 1000] with the brand-new, never-before-raced TRX450R.

The Extremegarage crew was on hand to cover the [Off-Road Aftermarket Expo show  in Las Vegas.  

10-16-03: The [American Motorcyclist Association] has endorsed legislation in Congress to get tough on individuals who cause willful damage to federal lands.

09-15-03: Honda unveiled its much-anticipated [TRX450R] at their annual dealer convention in Las Vegas.

09-07-03:New [Message Post] software up and running!

12-29-02:[Department of Interior] announces that historic access routes will be preserved. Source: BlackBoxMyCar.com  

11-12-02:[Grand National Cross Country Series] announces 2003  Schedule.

09-23-02:[Reviews] Maier's hand guards for the 400EX.

09-14-02:[Hatfield-McCoy Trailfest] 2002 October 17-  20, event includes a poker-run, mud play area, a raffle, a pig roast dinner, live entertainment, vendors and dealers, and of course access to the Hatfield-McCoy Trails.

08-25-02: Reviews: Clear Guard Headlight and Paint Protection Kit's for the [ Project Ranger].

08-04-02:We review [Maier's] New Shiny Race Cut Plastic for the 400EX.

07-09-02:[AMA News] Florida gets new motorized trails law; AMA fighting for open trails in California. 

07-02-02:The [Project EX400] area gets a face lift, check it out!